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Honor Roll: Nov. 27, 2015
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ALBANY - Albany community schools recently announced its high school and middle school honor rolls for the first quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. (* indicates a 4.0.)

Albany High School Honor Roll

12th Grade High Honors: Emily Hauri, Sydnee Woyak, Ciearria Mortaloni, Alexandra Lent, Halie Lyons, Tyler Dahl, Clay Spooner, Andrew Berra, Josh Little and Jacob Lyle.

12th Grade Honors: Kylee Blumer, Melissa Shunk, Marley Malkow, Michael Gifford and Cole Trapp.

11th Grade High Honors: Larisa Stauffacher*, Travis Oliver*, Sayde McDermott, Lauren Blumer, Jacob Elmer, Skyelar Hooper, Benjamin Horn, Logan Ross, Andrew Kennedy, Kathrine Trapp, Kelsey Hoesly, Trevor Mueller, Connor Trow, Hunter Georgeson, Brock Gilkes and Isaac Halverson.

11th Grade Honors: Nathyn Martinson, Taylor Seffrood and Dominick Vine.

10th Grade High Honors: Brittany Janes*, Hailey Stefanik*, Kassi Huffman*, Hunter Overland, Madeline Halverson, Ava Lothes, Brook Kahler, Emma Guenther, Jacey Lyons, Haley Freitag, Kyli Wilke and Hunter Gough.

10th Grade Honors: Alana O'Bel, Lillyann Baertschi, Ainsley Krueger, Paige Blumer, Savannah Finley, Radhika Flannery, Samantha Detra, Harmon Garvoille, Garrett Hlavachek, Josh Shell and Kaleigh Krueger.

Ninth Grade High Honors: Piper Bailey*, Sydney Bloedel*, Payton Zurfluh, Kaitlyn Trow, Kirsten Oliver, Jessica Short, Evan Blumer, Brittney Vine, Libby Beck, Madison Peters, Sydney Mortaloni, Megan Anderson and Ciara Kaderly.

Ninth Grade Honors: Jamison Stauffacher, Josh Dahl, Jasmine Marcellus, Jacob Flood, Samie Boeck, Benjamin Lent and Alex Karolczak.

Albany Community Middle School Honor Roll

Eighth Grade High Honors: Haley Knauf*, Haley Mueller*, Nathaniel Ross*, Kristin O'Bel*, Ivy Horn, McKenna Overland, Madelyn Heuvelman, Brandon Janes, Kaleigh Dallman, ShayLee Levin and Cynthia Detra.

Eighth Grade Honors: Averey Marean, Dylan Ryan and Seiara Timmens.

Seventh Grade High Honors: Lily Brewer*, Lily Larson, Harvey Bailey, Alyssa Knauf, Cortney Moore, Kaitlyn Dunphy, Jada Flannery, Megan Peters, Jared Brewer, Elizabeth Graves, Clay Hulbert, Nikolas Achtziger, Marques Flood, Antonio Powell and Kloie Huffman-Heins.

Seventh Grade Honors: Hailey Seavert, Bryson Lyons, Cecilia Larson, Robert Schroeder and Ashley Letcher.

Sixth Grade High Honors: Kaiya Zurfluh*, Brianna Dahl*, Rhylie Gough, Evan Guenther, Alex Schliem, Benjamin Grosz, Payton Wachholz, Jillian Lent, Whitney Clason, Emileigh Dallman, Rylee McKittrick, Hailey Holst, Bryanna Rakow, Nathan Bartenhagen, Andrew Gertsch and Brett Marean.

Sixth Grade Honors: Samantha Patchen, Chad Karolczak, Tyler Anderson, Chase French, Cole Cooke, Payton Firth and Lily Jones.

Fifth Grade High Honors: McKenzie Briggs*, McKenna Broughton*, Skye McDermott*, Linsey Mueller*, Peyton Pendergrass*, Samantha Swihart, Lia Fry, Maggie Bailey, Gage Roth, Elizabeth Halverson, Ethan Koss, Adrian Cutrano, Kyle Cooke, Branden Ruthe, Eddie Celaya and Sean Morales.

Fifth Grade Honors: Hunter Karch, Max Steinfeldt, Gracie Freitag, Trevor Kerns, David Laughlin, Raj Flannery and Brian Cid.