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Honor Roll: Dec. 9, 2015
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JUDA - Juda School District recently announced the high school and middle school honor rolls for Term One of the 2015-2016 school year. High Honor Roll Class of 2016: Crista J. Hale, 4.0; Megan R. Powers, 4.0 Class of 2018: Samantha M. Anderson, 4.0 Class of 2019: Taylor K. Adkins, 4.0; Nicole H. Kamholz, 4.0; Karlee J. Kesler, 4.0 Class of 2020: Trent K. Anderson 4.0. High Honor Roll Class of 2017: Riley Q. Adkins, Skyler A. Stuckey and Chelsea M. Burkhalter Class of 2018: Trent D. Davis, Hailey J. Kammerer, Clayton W. Hale, Madelyn G. Roth, Nickole J. Becker, Almanzo W. Friedly and Keagen Haffele.