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Hogs provide more than food
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Most people know all of the different food that comes from a pig. These foods would include: pork chops, ham, pork roast, ribs, bacon, sausage, and pepperoni. I can bet on one thing that consumers don't know about hog products. Did you all know that hogs provide a lot of non-food products that we use everyday?

Many ideas on how to use these products have come to us by the way of the Native Americans. They used many parts from animals to make clothing, tools, dishes, and other cooking utensils. Native American's became very skilled at using these products since they had limited resources. They didn't like to let things go to waste.

In today's society, we use a lot of the techniques we learned from the Native Americans. A lot of our resources are made from pork by-products. It's surprising, but the hog beats out every other animal for the leader in by-product resources. These by-products are important to our lives each day. They range from household items to pharmaceuticals.

The following are examples of life-saving products that are produced by a hog: The heart valves from a pig are used to for people with bad hearts. A hog's insulin is also used to treat people with diabetes. Last, but not least, skin from a pig is used for patients who are severely burned. Hogs serve a huge part in our medical world.

Hogs also provide us with a lot of things that we use in our homes today. These things include: Bone China, cellophane, cement, floor waxes, glass, glue, insulation, matches, ornaments, plastics, porcelain enamel, upholstery, and water filters. Did you know that these items contained hog products? Antifreeze and rubber that we use in our cars contain hog products as well. You probably use some of these things everyday and didn't even know that they contained hog products. Other hog products that you may not have realized are: buttons, fabric dye, fertilizer, insecticides, weed killers, chalk, and crayons.

As you can see the hog industry is very important to us not just for eating, but also for the medical and household products they provide. You can support your local Green County Pork Producers by purchasing pork chops sandwiches at their tent at cheese days or by attending their annual BBQ pork chop dinner on June 30 at the Slice Arena in Monroe. Hope to see you all there.