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GCPH: Well water testing available

MONROE — The 2023 Consumer Confidence Report was sent out for the City of Monroe’s well water annual summary of multiple tests they conduct throughout the year. There are a total of five wells in Monroe which range from 680 feet deep to 1,800 feet. Other towns like Monticello, New Glarus, and many others follow the Safe Drinking Water Act, which allows citizens of Wisconsin to have access to safe and sustainable water. 

Transient non-community water systems (TN) have different regulations. If the well serves at least 25 people for a minimum of 60 days a year, its regulated in this category. These are usually in rural areas such as churches, campgrounds, restaurants and more. The responsibility for TNs is to maintain a code-complying water system and submit the required water samples. Green County Public Health works with local organizations and businesses who have TN wells to regularly inspect their water systems, test their water, and address any contamination issues.

Private well owners need to be their own advocate. Unlike cities and TNs, they do not have any rules and regulations for testing. Often people feel that their well water is safe because it looks clear. People should not assume their water is safe to drink without testing it. Testing private well water assures the water is free of harmful contaminants, or at least to know their levels. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recommends to test well water once a year. Some areas in Green County have more contaminants like nitrates and bacteria than others. 

Private well owners should test their well water to make sure their water is safe. They can pick up a homeowner package test kit at the Green County Public Health to test for bacteria and nitrate. Those that want to test for metals and/or pesticides will need to contact UW Stevens Point Water and Environmental Analysis Laboratory at 715-346-3209. For further questions on well testing, call Green County Public Health at 608-328-9390.