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GCGS meeting to have presentation on Salem Witch Trials
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MONROE — The Green County Genealogical Society (GCGS) will hold its annual meeting at 10 a.m. on June 1 at Union Presbyterian Church, 2707 5th Street, Monroe.

The meeting is hosted with the Monroe Public Library and will include a presentation: Goode Rebeka, Trial by Fire “The Salem Witch Trials,” presented by Jessica Michna, First Impressions

It was a new world. The settlers from England had gained a foothold in the verdant land called “Amerika”. Old traditions would be laid aside, new ones instituted. Greed, jealousy, suspicion would still persist. Were these at the root of the Salem Witch Trials? Innocent residents of Salem, Massachusetts, were tried and many executed in perhaps the most infamous chapter in early American history. Meet Goode Rebeka, an elderly woman hanged as a witch in 1692, but was she really a witch? Perhaps by the end of the program guests will be able to answer that question.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jessica Michna developed a love of history at an early age. She and her family visited many historic sites throughout America.

Her love of theater and history would eventually bring Michna to found her company, “First Impressions.” Since its founding in the year 2000, Michna has expanded her repertoire to include seventeen historic figures.

In 2016 she was awarded the Presidential Service Center’s Distinguished Service award for her riveting portrayals of First Ladies. While she has appeared before a wide range of audiences, including appearances at the National Churchill Museum, the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Site and Valley Forge. Michna is particularly fond of performing for senior groups and communities. The life experiences of those in her senior audiences enhances her understanding of life stories. She often reminds her audiences that everyone has a history and encourages them to record their own stories.