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Emergency workers receive books, backpacks for kids
From left, Green County EMS Chief Dan Nufer, Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelley, Colony Brands CEO and President John Baumann and Monroe Fire Chief Dan Smits show off the REACH Bags at the Emergency Med Services building in downtown Monroe Monday. (Photo supplied)
MONROE - On Monday, 235 children's books were delivered to the leaders of Monroe's first responder units, along with 17 REACH Bags, durable backpacks maintained in first responder vehicles.

Each REACH Bag contains 10 children's books and 10 drawstring backpacks to be provided to children the first responders encounter in crisis situations. The items help comfort the child and distract him or her from the immediate chaotic circumstances. The REACH Bags are refilled every six months or sooner if needed.

The number of REACH Bags delivered corresponds to the number of vehicles in the combined fleet.

An additional supply of 65 books was provided to allow the first responders to proactively engage young boys and girls they encounter in non-crisis situations.

The delivery was made possible thanks to a donation by Colony Brands CEO and President John Baumann.

The books and backpacks were delivered by Curtis Fuszard, executive director of REACH-A-Child, a Madison-based nonprofit that has worked with first responders and community partners to deliver resources to police, firefighters, EMTs and Sheriff and State Patrol professionals in Wisconsin since 2007.

More information about REACH-A-Child is available at