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Club promotes reading on bus
Pictured packing books into crates to be placed on Monroe school buses, from left, are Ally Einbeck, Dani Larraga, Josie Ferguson and Lizzy Brennan. (Photo supplied)
MONROE - In partnership with Lamer's Bus Lines, the Monroe High School Key Club, under advisor Susan Lawson, has started a project to put books on every school bus in the Monroe school district. The goal is to promote literacy and provide students with the opportunity to read, while offering some entertainment for long bus rides and hopefully reducing behavior issues.

The club piloted the project with one crate of books on one bus and, with Lamer's giving the green light, is now launching into phase two of the project to get books on the remaining 29 buses. So far, crates have been donated by Brennan's Market, and hundreds of books have been donated, mostly from the district's elementary schools. More supplies are needed - especially more crates.

Each crate has 50 to 60 books of various genres and reading levels. Each book is labeled with a logo designed by the club so they can all be returned to any school bus. Once all of the buses have crates of books on them, the crates will rotate on a regular schedule. It will take up to two years before every student has seen all of the books in circulation.

When the project started in December, Key Club members volunteered to ride the bus and read books to the students on their way to and from school. The club will continue to do this as the project continues.

There are several people on the Books on the Bus committee: Lawson; Justin Harris-Raisbeck, Lamers; Glenda McKeon, Parkside Elementary; Nichole Jordan, Northside Elementary; Lisa Skeway, Abraham Lincoln Accelerated Learning Academy; Stephanie Wiegel, Monroe Middle School; Lindsay Dahman, MMS; Ally Einbeck, MHS student; and Abby Yurs, MHS student. Any of them may be contacted for more information.