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Blanchardville Library Event hosting event with Petrick April 15 and 22
Ellen Petrick

BLANCHARDVILLE — Blanchardville Library will present “Aging Strong: A Two Part Workshop” with Ellen Petrick at 2 p.m. on both Monday, April 15 and Monday, April 22. 

Petrick is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. She entered the fitness industry after realizing how exercise helped her to manage her own illness. While she works with a wide variety of clients, Petrick specializes in helping people dealing with joint issues, pain, and chronic diseases like Parkinson’s Disease and cancer.

“We start losing muscle mass in our 30s — at a rate of 3% to 5% per decade,” Petrick said. “The research is piling up: Strength Training is vital to anyone who wants to maintain function and increase healthy lifespan. No matter how active you are, you need to make strength training a habit if you want to decrease injury risk, preserve productivity, support your metabolism and increase your resilience.” 

She said that while anything is better than nothing, certain exercises and routines and far more effective than others. 

“What you do in between your workouts — what you eat, how much you sleep, and how you recover — can make or break your fitness efforts, Petrick said. “You can start at any age. Come and learn what you can do to change your health trajectory.”

Part one on of the series on April 15 is on muscles and metabolism. Part two, on April 22, focuses on bones, balance and nutritious bites.

Guests can attend one or both events. The library is locatred at 208 Mason Street,  Blanchardville, WI, 53516.

For more information call the library at 608-523-2055 or email