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Black Hawk offers screenings
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SOUTH WAYNE - For parents of three- and four-year olds concerned about their child's development, the "early intervention system" can help. Each school district in Wisconsin is responsible for providing a continuum of Special Education and Related Services to Children with Disabilities and who need special education. Children are evaluated to determine if they meet one of the state's eligibility criteria. Special education and related services may provide consultation to staff, direct services to the child, training related to the disability, and other services that are identified in the child's individualized education program.

Child development can be broken down into five major areas: physical (moving, seeing, hearing), language and speech (talking, expressing needs), social and emotional (relating to others), self-help (eating, dressing, toileting), and cognitive (thinking and learning). Each child grows and learns at his or her own rate, and it's important for parents to have expectations that are reasonable for the child's age.

Some children experience delays in one or more of these areas of development. Early years are critical learning years, and early detection and intervention provide the greatest chance of improving skills.

To have your child screened or for more information about the Early Childhood Program at Black Hawk, contact Linda Figi at (608) 439-5444, extension 223 r e-mail: Screening for three year olds can occur once your child is three years old.