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Black Hawk Academic Honors
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SOUTH WAYNE - Black Hawk High School held its awards day on May 23. Students receiving awards were:National Honor Society Induction: Juniors - Adam Moore, Ashly Yaeger, Gabriela Lehner, Hailey Meier, Wade Wolff, Maria Meives, Savannah Ernzen, Samantha Noble, Jordan Luhman, Paige Butler, Rebecca Weigel, Samantha NeuenschwanderBusiness Awards• Yearbook Award: Amanda Bartosik and Ashly Yaeger• Business Award: Lena Rolf and Wade WolffEnglish Awards• English 9: Molly Bechtolt and Michael Wolff• Sophomore English: Andrianna Hromadka and Chelsey Wilde• Junior English: Wade Wolff and Samantha Noble• Senior English: Stephanie Pickett and Amanda Walker• DAR Recognition: Amanda WalkerBand and Choir• Band, Senior Awards: Fergus Chau, Amanda Walker, Alyssa Triem, Alyssa Dammen, Rebecca Johnson, Amanda Bartosik• National School Choral Award: Stephanie Pickett• Choir Leadership Award: Fergus Chau;Solo and Ensemble• Seconds in Class B: Hillary Holland, trumpet solo; Jakobi Dammen and Morgan Nelson, alto sax solos; Michael Wolff, drum set solo; Alyssa Dammen, clarinet solo;• Firsts in Class B: Amanda Walker and Rebecca Johnson, clarinet and trumpet duet; Nicole Kloepfer, flute solo; Nicole Kloepfer and Samantha Neuenschwander, flute duet; Fergus Chau and Ou Zhong, flute and clarinet duet; Savanna Kaster, vocal solos;• Firsts in Class A: Stephanie Pickett, art song and musical theater; Fergus Chau, art song and musical theater; Hillary Holland, vocal solo; Ou Zhong, piano solo; • State Contenders: Stephanie Pickett, second place, art song and musical theater; Fergus Chau, second place, musical theater; Hillary Holland, first place, art song; Ou Zhong, first place, piano solo; Fergus Chau, first place, art song;Math Awards• Core Plus I a/b: Bryant Luhman, Rachel Rygh, Molly Bechtolt, Michael Wolff, Christian Krahenbuhl and Melissa Wellnitz;• Core Plus II a/b: Katie Place, Nicole Kloepfer and Savanna Kaster;• Core Plus II a: Angela Stephens, Willie Nelson and Tyler Whalen;• Core Plus III a/b: Jordan Luhman, Tierney Cushman and Wade Wolff;• Core Plus III a: Lena Rolf;• Core Plus IV a/b: Aryn Wellnitz, Amanda Bartosik and Tommy Butts; • Consumer Math: Steve Herbst and Ryan Hull;Technology Education Awards• Tech Ed. : Alyssa Piefer, Megan Vosberg, Thad Brenum• Construction II: Ryan RyghSpanish Awards• Spanish I: Bryant Luhman• Spanish II: Katie Stietz• Spanish III: Samantha Noble• Spanish IV: Kortney WerrenScience Awards• Chemistry: Jordan Luhman and Adam Moore• Adv.