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Badger Box Program will continue
The Hunger Task Force delivers Badger Boxes to recipients at Monroe High School on Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. The executive director of the program, Sherrie Tussler, recently said the partnership with farmers to deliver locally sourced food pantry items will continue in 2023.

MONROE — On Dec. 15, Hunger Task Force executive director Sherrie Tussler said the Badger Box partnership with local farmers would continue. A day later, the next drive took place at Monroe High School.

When the pandemic hit, it was quickly realized that most local food pantries simply couldn’t handle the large volume of food that was being donated from suppliers that had no place to go with what once would have been destined for store shelves or restaurants. Hunger Task Force snapped into action and began working with a food distribution company that not only had the resources and space to take on the challenge, but also worked with Wisconsin farmers and producers. 

The blueprint for Badger Box worked so well, they were able to expand their service area beyond Milwaukee to serve those in need statewide. With a recent allocation of $5 million dollars from the state, Tussler says that Badger Box distribution will be able to continue at least until May of 2023.

The Badger Box program isn’t the only innovative way that Hunger Task Force is working to feed people. When the Milwaukee County correctional work farm program ended, an opportunity was created. Hunger Task Force took on the challenge and started growing fruits and vegetables. With 6 employees, most being young women, and the help of many volunteers, this year the land produced over 600,000 pounds of food that was distributed to those in need.

The Badger Box program and the farm provide more than just food, Tussler says, they provide food with dignity. She says that having healthy food that is high quality means so much to the recipients. With canned food drives during the holidays she says remember to think about the overall health of the items you’re donating. Low sodium canned vegetables, low sugar cereal options and even infant formula are much needed and very appreciated items that are in high demand.

Hunger Task Force is 100% supported by the community and provides a safety net of emergency food with dignity to a network of 75 food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. Through legislative analysis, education and community organizing, Hunger Task Force continues to advocate for anti-hunger policy at the local, state and federal level.