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Area schools participate in Solo and Ensemble contest
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MONTICELLO - Black Hawk middle and high school music students competed in the Six Rivers East Solo and Ensemble contest on Saturday. Other schools present included Albany, Argyle, Barneveld, Juda and Pecatonica.

Students competing for "Comments Only" included Ben Sauder playing clarinet, a flute duet with Bailey Hagen and Emma Stricker, a percussion quartet made up of Cody Wick, Payton Troemel, Clayton Stietz and Gabe Tuescher, and a vocal trio, including Sydney Frietag, Grace Neff and Kristen Knapp.

Class C thirds were awarded to Kaitlyn Fey for her clarinet solo and the vocal duet of Alena Wheeler and Haley Gertch.

Class C seconds went to Grace Neff, Cody Blosch and Lydia Stietz for their sax trio, and Sunny Peterson, Hunter Metz and Hunter Bredeson for their instrumental solos. Braden Abney, Cody Blosch, Hunter Bredeson, Colton Klemm, Hunter Metz, Cayden Milz, Ben Sauder, Braden Schiferl and Jace Tuescher received a second for an all-male group performance, as well as the vocal duets of Sydney Freitag and Kristen Knapp, Kaitlyn Fey and Hailey Thompson, and the double duet of Lydia Stietz, Sydney Delzer, Braden Abney and Kaitlyn Fey. Delaney Holland, Adam Mercado and Colin Metz received a second for their trumpet trio.

Class C firsts were awarded to Emma Stricker for her vocal solo, Colton Klemm, Braden Abney and Gabe Tuescher for their percussion solos, Cody Blosch for his saxophone solo and Kristen Knapp and Sydney Frietag for a flute duet and Cayden Milz and Mai Jackson for their trumpet duet.

Class B seconds given to the percussion ensemble of Justin Wiegel, Blaine Wolff, Jordan Monson, Ben Holland, Brody Milz and Michael Flanagan, and to the clarinet choir of Jordan Delzer, Same Lovelace, Morgyn Stauffacher, Hannah Plath and Brooke Moore. Josh Meier, Megan Stephens and Nathan Hull received a second for their trumpet trio, as well as the instrumental duets of Brooke Moore and Sam Lovelace and Cheyenne Stewart and Rachel Hagen.

The double trio of Josh Meier, Brody Milz, Michael Flanagan, Reesan Ruch, Derek Stib and Nathan Hull were awarded a class B second, as well as the vocal soloists Ben Sauder, Amber Mercado, Teela Ellingson, Reesan Ruch and Kaitlyn Fey. Melissa and Michael Flanagan were awarded a class B second for their vocal duet as well as the all-girls vocal group consisting on Brooklyn Allaback, Sydney Delzer, Kaitlyn Fey, Sydney Freitag, Maddie Huschitt, Mia Jackson, Kristen Knapp, Amber Mercado, Grace Neff, Lydia Stietz and Hailey Thompson.

Class B firsts were awarded to Casi Blosch and Elizabeth Holland for their flute solo and to Josh Meier for his trumpet solo.

Class A seconds went to Brooke Moore for her clarinet solo and to Hannah Ritschard, Michael Flanagan, Rachel Hagen, Alena Wheeler, Sunny Peterson, Elizabeth Holland and Cheyenne Stewart for their vocal solos.

Class A firsts were awarded to Melissa Flanagan, Brooke Moore and Cheyenne Stewart for their vocal solos.

Class A Starred Firsts went to Brooke Moore for her musical theater solo and to Casi Blosch for her classical vocal solo.