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Albany Honor Roll: March 4, 2016
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ALBANY - Albany High School and middle school have announced their honor roll for the second quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. Albany High School 12th Grade High honors: Sydnee Woyak (4.0); Emily Hauri; Ciearria Mortaloni; Alexandra Lent; Josh Little; Halie Lyons; Clay Spooner; Andrew Berra; Tyler Dahl; Marley Malkow; and Kylee Blumer Honors: Jacob Lyle; Cole Trapp; and Michael Gifford 11th Grade High honors: Lauren Blumer (4.0); Larisa Stauffacher (4.0); Sayde McDermott (4.0); Jacob Elmer; Travis Oliver; Andrew Kennedy; Trevor Mueller; Kathrine Trapp; Isaac Halverson; Skyelar Hooper; Logan Ross; Benjamin Horn; Connor Trow; Hunter Georgeson; Kelsey Hoesly; and Nathyn Martinson Honors: Ciara Kaderly; Taylor Seffrood; Otis Riedel; and Brock Gilkes 10th Grade High honors: Hailey Stefanik (4.0); Brittany Janes; Kassi Huffman; Madeline Halverson; Ava Lothes; Hunter Overland; Brook Kahler; Jacey Lyons; Kyli Wilke; Emma Guenther; and Harmon Garvoille Honors: Haley Freitag; Lillyann Baertschi; Ainsley Krueger; Brett Dorsey; Alana O'Bel; Paige Blumer; Radhika Flannery; Samantha Detra; Savannah Finley; Damien Anderson; Garrett Hlavachek; and Josh Shell Ninth Grade High honors: Piper Bailey (4.0); Kirsten Oliver (4.0); Sydney Bloedel; Jessica Short; Kaitlyn Trow; Payton Zurflu ; Evan Blumer; Brittney Vine; Libby Beck; Madison Peters; and Sydney Mortaloni Honors: Samie Boeck; Jamison Stauffacher; Desiree Copeland; and Josh Dahl Albany Community Middle School Eighth Grade High honors: Haley Knauf (4.0); Nathaniel Ross (4.0); Haley Mueller; Ivy Horn; Kristin O'Bel; Kaleigh Dallman; McKenna Overland; Brandon Janes; Marleny Quintana; and ShayLee Levin Honors: Cynthia Detra; Averey Marean; Dylan Ryan; and Seiara Timmens Seventh Grade High honors: Lily Brewer (4.0); Lily Larson; Alyssa Knauf; Kaitlyn Dunphy; Harvey Bailey; Megan Peters; Jada Flannery; Jared Brewer; Cortney Moore; Cecilia Larson; and Nikolas Achtziger Honors: Kloie Huffman-Heins; Clay Hulbert; Elizabeth Graves; Hailey Seavert; Marques Flood; Antonio Powell; Bryson Lyons; Ashley Letcher; and Felipe Quintana Sixth Grade High honors: Kaiya Zurfluh (4.0); Brianna Dahl (4.0); Rhylie Gough (4.0); Evan Guenther (4.0); Whitney Clason (4.0); Alex Schliem (4.0); Payton Wachholz (4.0); Emileigh Dallman; Jillian Lent; Benjamin Grosz; Rylee McKittrick; Hailey Holst; Bryanna Rakow; Nathan Bartenhagen; Brett Marean; Chad Karolczak; and Samantha Patchen Honors: Payton Firth; Andrew Gertsch; Lily Jones; Tyler Anderson; Cole Cooke; and Salynne Pendergrass Fifth Grade High honors: McKenzie Briggs (4.0); McKenna Broughton (4.0); Skye McDermott (4.0); Linsey Mueller (4.0); Peyton Pendergrass (4.0); Gage Roth; Samantha Swihart; Elizabeth Halverson; Ethan Koss; Lia Fry; Branden Ruthe; Kyle Cooke; Gracie Freitag; Maggie Bailey; Eddie Celaya; Max Steinfeldt; Adrian Cutrano; and Sean Morales Honors: Hunter Karch; David Laughlin; Brian Cid; Raj Flannery; and Trevor Kerns

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