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Academic Honors: Feb. 13, 2016
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JUDA - The Juda School District recently announced the high school and middle school honor rolls for Term Two of the 2015-2016 school year. 4.0 HONOR ROLL Class of 2016: Crista J. Hale and Megan R. Powers Class of 2017: Riley Q. Adkins and Chelsea M. Burkhalter Class of 2019: Taylor K. Adkins, Nicole H. Kamholz and Karlee J. Kesler HIGH HONOR ROLL Class of 2016: Derrick J. Byrne and Jessica K. Crull Class of 2018: Samantha M. Anderson; Keagen Haffele; Hailey J. Kammerer; Trent D. Davis; and Clayton W. Hale Class of 2019: Jacob R. Mahlkuch Class of 2020: Trent K. Anderson; Lydia M. Bouc; and Taylor L. Golackson Class of 2021: Luke D. Mccullough Class of 2022: Susan C. Farias; Anna M. Skoumal; and Mason A. Kammerer HONOR ROLL Class of 2016: Peter Z. Bouc; Kelsey L. Cramer; Robyn R. Wahl; Jacob A. Rhyner; and Joshua A. Skoumal Class of 2017: Skyler A. Stuckey; Aurora E. Daniels; Alexis N. Goecks; Matthew S. Schmitt; Jared L. Hansen; and Coral F. Wilcox Class of 2018: Almanzo W. Friedly; Madelyn G. Roth; Jacob C. Lengel; Nickole J. Becker; Erika A. Duecker; Zoe Rathsack; Victoria Euclide-petig; Mariah L. Riese; Justin A. Roth; Rachel E. Mccullough; Logyn J. Steinmann; Mackenzie Byrne; Dakota M. Davis; Jace M. Morris; and Clayton J. Mahlkuch Class of 2019: Nathaniel H. Nicholson; Marilyn K. Farias; Quinton T. Kammerer; and Dean A. Devoe Class of 2020: Triniti A. Elmer; Ariel S. Foesch; Brian M. Mccullough; Emily Makos; Annabell Niedermeier; Payton W. Johnson; Gavin A. Kammerer; Sarah A. Riese; Tristan J. Geisking; Jayson Starr; Roberto C. Olmedo; Alex R. Nusbaum; Montana B. Steinmann; Nicky M. Pina; Nicole M. Nicholson; Alexander Rathsack; Michael Klitzke; Austin J. Foster; Jacob O. Miller; and Austin J. Paffel Class of 2021: Christopher J. Kamholz; Avery L. Sheaffer; Miah M. Roth; Raechel A. Bender; Jocelyn M. Rufer; Isabella J. Carnes; Royce J. Brauer; Jocelyn C. Anderson; Sidney W. Hutchison; Charley M. Fortney; and Natalee L. Baum Class of 2022: Gunnar S. Riebe; Katie Nusbaum; Aaron M. Makos; Corbin J. Mann; Breanna R. Brooks; Libby J. Jordan; and Colin E. Anderson

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