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It's time to learn from past mistakes
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The recent spread of sexual harassment claims and accusations should be part of a larger revolution of change that spreads across all employment areas.

Nobody in a position of power should use that power as a way to harass or take advantage of a colleague.

Every day brings with it the announcement of a high-level or high-exposure professional or politician who is being removed or facing accusations of sexual harassment or sexual assault. This speaks to how slanted the workplace has been, siding with the powerful, allowing abusive behavior to go unpunished and lacking protections for the vulnerable.

What's occurring is a testament to the tenacity of victims, who have changed the way this is viewed. Sexual harassment can't be waved aside or quashed. Instead, this should be part of greater change across all areas considered workplaces.

Sexual harassment is about power. Its victims often feel hopeless. When a plea for help has been met by an order to hush, it has perpetuated the practice.

Why are some who have recently been exposed taking responsibility or stepping down? Because they know there is evidence over a long period of time linking them to multiple situations in which they've been in power over someone they have harassed.

Some people we have trusted to lead us and tell us important things have owned up to bad behavior.

This revolution should not be limited to network newsrooms and Hollywood. It should include our small businesses, restaurants, taverns, factories and all public and private institutions.

Others, who have been accused, have managed to slip through unscathed, despite strong evidence of their guilt. There should be real consequences for perpetrators of sexual harassment, including elected officials.

America missed an opportunity to set itself on the right path after former President Bill Clinton wiggled through his second term of presidency after lying about and then contesting his participation in acts that are grounds for termination in any workplace.

Let's move forward in a way in which we learn from this mistake. Sexual harassment doesn't only affect the perpetrator and the victim, but it creates an unacceptable atmosphere in the workplace. Many people have suffered because they were not believed or heard.

Our awakening to these incidents should be part of a revolution of expectations for how people behave in the workplace and in the public sphere.