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Traffic Court: Nov. 10, 2008
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• Anthony P. Alongi, 19, Winslow, Ill., driving a motorcycle without a license, $186• Kristine Baczynski, 43, Lindenhurst, Ill., speeding, $160.80• Nicole J. Bolotnik, 43, McConnell, Ill., speeding, $186• Tom R. Braun, 52, Brookfield, speeding, $160.80• Casey R. Condon, 21, Brodhead, driving too fast for conditions, $198.60• Casey R. Condon, 21, Brodhead, failure to notify police of an accident, $249• Nita E. Duerst, 44, New Glarus, driving left of center, $198.60• Elliot P. Faber, 21, New Glarus, non-registration of a vehicle, $160.80• Mandy L. Fields, 31, Albany, speeding, $186• Mandy L. Fields, 31, Albany, driving after revocation, $160.80• Rachel M. Guthrie, 17, Argyle, speeding, $160.80• Penny M. Holmes, 46, Argyle, speeding, $160.80• Dixie D. Hovland, 31, Monroe, driving without a valid license, $148.20• Amy M. Jansen, 31, Franklin, improper equipment, $186• David Leach, 40, Elizabethtown, Ky., seatbelt violation, $10• Clark J. Mislivecek, 18, Blanchardville, non-registration of a vehicle, $160.80• Donna J. Muralt, 42, Argyle, entering a park without a sticker, $148.20•Joseph R. Olthafer, 53, Belmont, seatbelt violation, $10• Kiara D. Pearson, 18, Freeport, Ill., speeding, $186• Jennifer C. Phillips, 39, Beloit, speeding, $160.80• Bradley J. Rear, 45, Monroe, driving without carrying a license, $186• Patric J. Rivard, 40, Somerset, speeding, $160.80• Diane F. Rosenstiel, 61, Browntown, seatbelt violation, $10• Helene J. Schultheiss, 52, New Glarus, drunken driving, $793• Mark A. Steiner, 49, New Glarus, driving after suspension, $186• Alicia C. Wiegel, 18, New Glarus, speeding, $186• Timothy A. Williams, 34, Monroe speeding, $186

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