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Traffic Court: March 22, 2008
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• Alexander Abplanalp, 53, Juda, failure to yield the right of way, $160.80• Nicholas G. Ambrose, 19, Monroe, failure to stop at a stop sign, $160.80• Matthew P. Baumgartner, 16, Monroe, license restriction violation, $186• Douglas K. Beahm, 39, Stoughton, passing in a no-passing zone, $196.60• Keith B. Bell, 47, Brodhead, display unauthorized plates, $223.80• Ricardo Carrillo Rodriguez, 25, Madison, driving after suspension, $186• Alicia L. Curran, 25, Monroe, non-registration of a vehicle, $160.80• Javier Diaz Cruz, 21, Monroe, driving without a valid license, $186• Scott D. Engelkens, 41, Freeport, Ill., violate a traffic light, $160.80• Andrew E. Faber, 25, New Glarus, driving without carrying a license, $249• Kimberly M. Foster, 19, New Glarus, speeding, $160.80• Abel Garcia Cano, 25, Monroe, driving without a valid license, $186• Tyreisha J. Gibson, 16, Monroe, failure to yield the right of way, $160.80• James R. Guffey, 57, Rockford, Ill., speeding, $160.80• Robert C. Haberman, 24, Monroe, seat belt violation, $10• Phil M. Harris, 56, Grayslake, Ill., speedometer violations, $186• Carolyn S. Huerta Cordero, 36, Monroe, permit unauthorized person to drive, $186• Shanon P. Liphart, 27, Monroe, speeding, $186• Melanie A. Love, 21, Freeport, Ill., driving after suspension, $186• Tiffany L. Naef, 20.