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Traffic Court: June 18, 2009
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Green County• Matthew J. Ahasay, 17, Monroe, improper signal, $160.80• Joseph E. Allen, 32, Brodhead, second-offense driving after suspension, $186• Aron L. Arn, 33, Browntown, seatbelt violation, $10• Kandi R. Attewell, 22, McFarland, seatbelt violation, $10• Angela M. Benish, 44, Monroe, improper stop, $160.80• Barry R. Bergendal, 39, Milton, excessive acceleration, $249• F.J. Bircher, 83, Monroe, speeding, $160.80• Bonnie K. Bitz, 47, Juda, failure to notify police of an accident, $249• LuCinda Blanc, 47, Juda, non-registration of a vehicle, $160.80n Amy N. Blum, 22, Monroe, speeding, $160.80• Brenda J. Breault, 36, Monroe, improper stop, $160.80• Natalie B. Carlino, 31, Monroe, non-registration of a vehicle, $160.80• Donna Chumbler Larson, 53, South Wayne, non-registration of a vehicle, $160.80• Emily M. Colden, 19, Monroe, failure to stop at a stop sign, $160.80• Jeffrey J. Conway, 49, Monroe, speeding, $160.80• Brenda K. Coplien, 41, Monroe, driving without a license, $186• James K. Cowell, 43, Monroe, display unauthorized registration plates, $160.80• Sean E. Crowley, 41, Sauk City. Speedometer violations, $160.80