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Police urge caution on use of fireworks
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MONROE - Monroe Police are cautioning residents to obey the law related to the sale, possession or use of fireworks over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Officials said that the Wisconsin Statue 167.10 defines and regulates fireworks; fireworks are defined as anything manufactured, processed or packaged for exploding, emitting sparks or combustion, which does not have another common use.

Monroe Police Chief Fred Kelley said, in a statement, that anything designed to fly into the air, explode or shoot out objects other than showers of sparks, is considered illegal.

Any other device than those already listed would be considered illegal fireworks. Kelley said that no one may sell or possess with the intent to sell fireworks, unless they have a permit from the mayor of the city, a village president or a town chair.

The police department does inspect fireworks stands in the city to insure that no fireworks, other than those listed, are being sold. Those that are unlawful are pointed out and are required to be removed. Selling illegal fireworks carries fines of $501 to $1,000, and seizure of the products.

Persons who are possessing or using illegal fireworks face fines of $175 for violation of the city ordinance. In addition, according to state statue, parents who allow the use of illegal fireworks by their child face fines up to $1,000, and liability for any damages.

Kelley said that is also prohibited by state statue and city ordinance to take any of the items listed earlier, such as sparklers, party poppers, and cones, to display fireworks. This becomes a safety issue. Fireworks cannot be displayed in Twining Park on the Fourth.