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Divorces: Sept. 20, 2008
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GREEN COUNTY• Laurie L. Metz, Monroe, and Brian W. Metz, Milladore• Lorie A. Laffin, Monroe, and James A. Laffin, Wausau• Randal D. Severson, Monroe, and Tamara L. Severson, Guthrie, Okla.• Aaron C. Bittner and Janelle M. Bittner, both of Monroe• Tara R. Messner, and Kurt M. Messner, both of Belleville• Sarah M. Shoemaker, Madison, and Brendon C. Shoemaker, New Glarus• Theresa Kitto, Brownsville, Texas, and Mark Kitto, Monroe• Linda K. Liphart, Browntown, and Monte J. Liphart, Gratiot