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Criminal Court: May 3, 2008
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n Brittany M. Bahn, 18, New Glarus, underage drinking, $160.80n Tere A. Bredeson, 23, Argyle, disturbing the peace, $312n Cortnee R. Busjahn, 22, Browntown, possession of marijuana, $249n Tracy C. DeVoe, 36, Monroe, cruelty to animals, $168.80n Kevin W. Haffele, 19, Monroe, possession of drug paraphernalia, $375n Kevin W. Haffele, 19, Monroe, underage drinking, $249n Jeremy L. Hartwig, 20, Albany, second-offense underage drinking, $375n Takiya M. McCallum, 32, Albany, malicious destruction of property, $886n Zachary W. Meritt, 18, Monroe, second-offense underage drinking, $375n Ethan J. Parkin, 19, Monroe, second-offense underage drinking, $375n William M. Raymond, 19, Blanchardville, hunt within 50 feet of road's center, $208.40n Robert J. Sanders, 18, Freeport, Ill., trespassing, $312n Zachery Topp, 19, Monroe, underage drinking, $249n Brandon S. Vavra, 18, underage drinking, $249n Travis A. Vincent, 18, Monroe, underage drinking, $249Mary Jane Grenzow 5/2/08