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Criminal Court: June 8, 2010
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• David S. Bates, 45, Monroe, littering, $150.10• Jeremy J. Brown, 37, Monroe, disorderly conduct, $326.50• Brijeet M. Colby, 20, Brodhead, underage drinking, $263.50• Lavelle T. Conner-Hatchet, 21, Madison, present another's ID card as his own, $263.50• Jerry V. Coplien, 19, Monroe, possession of drug paraphernalia, $389.50• Ivan A. Howard, 21, Brodhead, disorderly conduct, $326.50• Cynthia L. Hughes, 49, Monroe, animal at large, $175.30• Kerry J. Peterson, 38, South Wayne, illegal use of the radio, $187.90• Laurel L. Teasdale, 39, Monroe, cruelty to animals, $175.30• Amanda J. Von Kaenel, 32, Monroe, animals at large, $175.30• Sandra K. Wells, 55, Monroe, animals at large, $175.30• Nicole L. Wild, 18, Monroe, obstruct an officer, $389.50• John M. Zimmerman, 25, Monroe, property maintenance violation, $175.30