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Circuit Court: May 25, 2012
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GREEN COUNTYFELONIES• Daniel J. Ubersox, 27, Browntown, pleaded no contest Wednesday, May 23, to a Class I felony charge of failure to pay child support for his 7-year-old child for a period of more than four months, stemming from an offense in 2006. He was ordered to pay $8,782 in support, interest and fines, and granted a two-year deferred prosecution on the conditions that he fulfill his child support obligations, maintain employment, undergo an alcohol and drug assessment and attend monitoring conferences. Three other counts of the same charge were dismissed in January after Ubersox pleaded not guilty to them.MISDEMEANORS• Christopher S. Merritt, 21, Monroe, was sentenced Wednesday, May 23, to 120 days in jail, with Huber work-release privileges, for convictions of revoking his probation.