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Circuit Court: June 6, 2015
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Green County misdemeanors

• Chelsea L. Reine, 22, Monroe, pleaded no contest Tuesday to a charge of disorderly conduct, for which she owes the court $194, according to online court records. She also reportedly faces a Class A misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property in the case, but as of Friday no plea information was available. The charges stem from a May 3, 2014 incident in which Reine repeatedly hit a vehicle with her hands, ripped off its back windshield wiper, and caused a disturbance outside a residence. In a separate case, Reine had misdemeanor disorderly conduct and bail jumping charges dismissed without prejudice Tuesday. Those charges stem from a October 19 incident in which Reine and a woman she knows allegedly argued in the 1900 block of 8th Street in Monroe and were loud enough to wake up a child, whose father called police.

• Tom A. Loterbauer, 49, Janesville, was charged Thursday with a Class A misdemeanor count of shooting within 100 yards of a dwelling. The charge stems from an April 14 incident in which he and another man allegedly set up a firing range near Decatur Lake Golf Course in Brodhead and Loterbauer shot a 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun. The impromptu range was within 60 yards of a residence in the W800 block of Lake View Circle, according to police reports. Police arrested Loterbauer and took him to jail. He has an initial appearance June 8.

• A warrant is issued for the arrest of Randall S. Zuber, 37, Monroe, who was charged Thursday with two Class A misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property and a Class B misdemeanor count of domestic abuse-related disorderly conduct. If convicted on all three charges, each of which carries a "repeater" enhancer, Zuber could face a sentence of six years, $21,000 in fines, or both. The charges stem from a May 24 incident in which Zuber allegedly kicked in the door to his residence when it was locked, ripped a landline phone off the wall, yelled at a woman and bumped into her with his chest. Zuber's neighbor told police he dropped Zuber off in Monticello, where he has family, later in the day, but he did not know where Zuber planned to go.