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Circuit Court: July 8, 2011
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Green County


MONROE - Jeremy W. Green, 31, South Wayne, was found guilty on July 7, after pleading guilty to a charge of failure to support a child, a class I felony. Court reports indicate that Green did intentionally fail to provide at least 120 consecutive days of support, of which he did legally obtain pay, for five children which he had with Jennifer L. Dalton, Monroe. Green was ordered to pay child support for the children of $183.08 per week. He was fined $20 and ordered to keep current with child support.

Racheal M. Sillman, 19, Monroe, was found guilty on July 7, after pleading no contest to a count of disorderly conduct, a class B misdemeanor, following a Nov. 11, 2010 incident. Sillman's case was a deferred prosecution and sentence, where she is to follow the prosecution agreement, which includes seeking and obtaining treatment and counseling to prevent future law violations. Sillman was sentenced to 24 months of having the judgment of no contest plea and fined $100. Court reports indicate that Sillman engaged in violent, abusive and other indecent behavior to provoke a disturbance with a victim. Sillman also threw a glass beer bottle, which is considered a dangerous weapon, at or towards the victim.