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Former Albany man sent to prison for revoked probation
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MONROE - Before Jeremy Alexander Barnett-Diaz Jr. was sentenced to probation in 2015 for several burglaries and thefts in the area, one of his victims wrote the court "we all know Jeremy isn't going to change" and warned that he "needs to be kept in jail."

"What is he going to do to the next innocent person?" the victim asked in the statement, dated Aug. 31, 2015.

The victim's worries appear to have been warranted.

Barnett-Diaz, 22, formerly of Albany, was sentenced Monday in Green County Circuit Court to three years in prison and two years on extended supervision after having his probation revoked on felony convictions of burglary, theft and bail jumping.

A lengthy revocation order from his probation agent describes numerous offenses over the past two years, including physical assault, lying to police, stealing, shoplifting, drinking, smoking marijuana, failing to get his GED and repeatedly failing to communicate with his agent or show up to meetings.

"Mr. Barnett-Diaz Jr. lacks control and insight into his compulsive/criminal behavior," the agent wrote. "(His) assaultive behavior directly places the community at risk."

Barnett-Diaz's violations "reflect that he either doesn't fully understand the severity of his behavior or he simply does not care to follow his rules of supervision," the agent wrote.

Of the most serious offenses reported in the revocation order are his abuse of two women. On Oct. 22, 2016, outside a bar in Evansville, Barnett-Diaz got angry with a woman he'd known a few weeks and smashed out a window on her vehicle, then grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground.

Another woman alleged repeated acts of violence over a period of time that left her with "bruising all over her body."

During a traffic stop Jan. 5 in the Town of Madison, without any apparent prompting by police, he said he'd recently purchased "about 130 pounds of marijuana" in California and transported it back to Wisconsin, then taunted, "You don't know where it is, so you can't do anything about it."

He later denied transporting drugs or being physically abusive to the women.

His convictions stem from incidents in 2014 and 2015. Court records indicate he stole several valuables, including a wedding ring valued at $4,300, from a home in rural Brodhead and then pawned the items for cash.

The victim in that case described the aftermath of the theft as "very stressful."

"We do not feel safe in my home. He has taken away a part of my legacy. I trust people less," the victim wrote the court.

He was also convicted of burglarizing his neighbor's home in rural Albany.

The victim in that case wrote the court that "we have since sold our house and moved back to Madison because I was scared to live across the street from him."

"No amount of money can ever replace what Jeremy Barnett took from us or did to us," the victim continued. "What I want out of all of this is the $8,833.58 restitution paid to us. Authorities have told me that I will never get this money. I want it ordered that this be paid to us, and if not, then Jeremy Barnett needs to be kept in jail. This is a shame that the victims have to pay for what someone else did. We all know Jeremy isn't going to change, and what is he going to do to the next innocent person?"

Paying restitution, court costs and supervision fees is a condition of Barnett-Diaz's incarceration. According to court records, he owes about $15,500.