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2 school questions in Albany
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ALBANY - Albany school district residents are being asked Tuesday if they will pay more in taxes to make building improvements and to avoid cuts in the classroom.There are two referendums on the ballot.The first would allow the district to borrow $2 million to make improvements to the school's energy system and roof.The second would allow the district to collect taxes in excess of the revenue cap by $1.75 million over the next four years.Albany Superintendent Stephen Guenther said both measures are important to the district. But he said the first referendum question might be easier for people to understand because building maintenance is something they can see. The second referendum would help the district maintain curriculum and technology expenditures to help students compete with other students after they leave high school, Guenther said.Guenther said most of the people he's talked to are supportive of the maintenance referendum, and that district residents have passed nonrecurring increases like the second referendum in the past.If the first referendum is passed, the owner of a $100,000 home in the district will pay an extra $49 in property taxes.