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April judicial election, Feb. primaries explained
New Gavel

MONROE — Political campaign signs for a spring judicial election have been popping up around Green County. 

There are two circuit court judges in Green County: Judge James Beer in Branch 1 and Judge Tom Vale in Branch 2. Both judges are completing six-year terms that end in July of 2021. Judge Beer has announced his retirement and is not seeking re-election. Four Green County attorneys have declared that they are running to fill the open seat in Branch 1.  They are Peter Kelly, Jane Bucher, Dan Bartholf and Faun Phillipson. Judge Vale is seeking re-election but is unopposed in Branch 2.

Each candidate must collect a minimum of 200 signatures on nomination papers during the month of December and then file them with the state elections board. Persons eligible to vote in Green County can sign the nomination papers for one of the four candidates in Branch 1 and they can also sign nomination papers for Judge Vale in Branch 2. 

There will be a primary for the Branch 1 candidates on Feb. 16. The two candidates receiving the most votes will appear on the ballot for the spring election on April 6 and the other two candidates will drop out. On April 6 voters will choose between the two candidates for Branch 1 and they can also vote for Judge Vale who will appear unopposed on the ballot for Branch 2. 

Voters can visit the websites of the Branch 1 candidates to learn more about them. Judge Vale was first elected in 2009 and is seeking his third term. He is also the Chief Judge of Wisconsin’s Fifth Judicial District.